Imagine the Unknown


On this long winding bumpy road,

I see through these blue lenses,

a twinkle in my eye.

Force of the cool wind rushing through the window

across skin,

blowing salt and pepper hair

across face,

rattling ears.

Let me feel the wind.

Nostrils inhale

breath of fresh air,

blue lenses see strange tall things

sway back and forth in the distance,

a glimpse of light flashing through every stroke of the wind.

Traveling on this bumpy road,

my body rocking side to side,

I look out at the horizon

blue lenses never imagining

what I see would be unknown to me.

Thinking of that fateful day —

a diagnosis of dementia —

knowing what it would do to me.

Form new ideas no more.

Have a vivid imagination no more.

Passions no more.

Curiosity no more.  

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About the author

Stacy Heath describes herself as a “stubborn, somewhat spontaneous, funny, go-for-it kind of gal!” She discovered the writer in herself and her love for working with people with dementia while taking care of a friend who had the disease. In addition to her work as a caregiver, Stacy enjoys spending time with grandchildren, outreach ministry with her church, writing, and swimming. You can follow Stacy on her blog here.

About the artist

Velizar Ivanov is a self-taught photographer based out of Sofia, Bulgaria. Influenced by both haunting and graceful surreal works, trying to capture emotions and stories with a single shot. The feature image for this story is part of his Fabric & Light Wrap Series. You can find Velizar’s photography over at