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We are so glad to have you join this growing family of illumineers! We want to build lasting relationships with our readers and partners, so we want to get to know you better and hope you’ll get to know us, too. As you prepare your submission for Illumine, please read  “Our Story” to get a sense of what this movement is about and what sort of materials we are looking for. Also, be sure to carefully follow the guidelines below as you submit your materials so nothing gets lost in the pile.

Upcoming Themes:

At Illumine, we seek to share stories that intersect with everyday life to encourage, empower, inspire, and connect us to one another. We are open for submissions on the following quarterly themes listed below. You may submit for any topic up to the closing date.

Submissions Close November 15, 2018
Vol 1: Published January 2019

Submissions Close February 15th, 2019
Vol 2:  Published April 2019

Submissions Close May 15th, 2019
Vol 3: Published July 2019

Submissions Close August 15th, 2019
Vol 4:  Published October 2019

Guidelines for Narratives:

  • We accept nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. The general tone of your story should offer encouragement and hope to people of various ages, stages, and seasons of life.
  • Posts must be between 500 and 1,200 words in length. (Poetry may be shorter.)
  • Submit your story as a Word doc or similar text file attachment.
  • Use Times Roman 12 pt font or similar.
  • You may include artwork with your story, but it is not necessary and we may use another illustration.
  • Be sure to include a short bio and the link to your personal website to be featured at the bottom of your story for credit.
  • Please do not submit posts to promote items. For all advertising opportunities, please email info(at)

Submit Your Work

Guidelines for Artwork:

  • We feature original photography and artwork.
  • All artwork should evoke the mood of the quarterly theme being featured (See theme schedule above).
  • You must own all the rights to this artwork and your submission grants the rights to Illumine to use images for all featured posts including social media.
  • Photographs and illustrations need to be hi-res images (300 dpi, at least 6” x 6”). The format needs to be square, not rectangular, to avoid cropping.
  • Sometimes, artwork submitted for one issue may be better suited for an upcoming issue. For this reason, we may hold your sample for up to 12 months for future consideration. You will receive a release form before your work is used.

Submit Your Work

Guidelines for Video: 

We are happy to receive 3-28 minute video-shorts, to be used as either a stand-alone story or to share the backstory behind your written submission. We’d also love to receive satire and comedy that will encourage, empower, inspire, and connect us to one another.

Send Videos To:

Tips for Writing Your Bio:

In 30 – 100 words, what can you tell about yourself to help the reader feel like they know you? Make it fun and attention-grabbing. Include interesting facts about what you love to make, eat, or do. You can be silly, sassy, or quirky – just be authentic and true. Remember to include a link to your personal blog or website so the reader knows where to find you.

Copyright Note:

Illumine only accepts original submissions. All images submitted must be copyright free. It is the responsibility of the submitting artist to ensure that no copyright infringement has occurred and that all submitted work is your own. While your work is under consideration we ask that you do not submit the same idea to competing web or print publishers. Likewise, artwork that has already been featured in other competing publications or sites will not be accepted. Sharing a link to the story on your personal blog is acceptable once the story is published on Illumine.

We look forward to reading your words! Unfortunately, we may not be able to respond to every submission. If we plan to use your work, you will receive a confirmation letter via e-mail. Thank you for sharing your light!

~ The Collective Light Admin Team